Keeping Your Summer Wedding in the South Sweet

May 21, 2018

                Honeysuckles, lake days, barbecues, and fireflies; this is what we think of when we remember summers growing up in the south. What a perfect time to have a wedding! But let’s not forget the mosquitoes, sunburns, and pit stains. These unfortunate realities of sweet-home summers may make one think twice about an outdoor summer wedding, but they shouldn’t! Here are some easy solutions that will make your dream summer wedding an absolute blast and keep your guests, and you, happy.


1. Fan for a program – It’s hot, humid, and people are fanning themselves with the flimsy paper programs you had printed. A great idea is to go ahead and make them functional! Having a program printed on heavy paper with a handle is a wonderful way to provide heat relief for your guests without having to shell out even more of that wedding budget for separate fans.



2. Don’t forget about the bugs! - Most outdoor venues will spray for mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies that might like to snack on you before your event. This is something to consider on the off chance that they don’t already do it. Consider having bug spray or another insect repellent available.




3. Cool off with a sweet treat – It’s hot outside and you’re getting hungry; what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A refreshing Popsicle! Having a Popsicle cart at the cocktail hour or during the reception can be a fun, cute, laid back way to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. Sure, to be a hit with all of your guests!




4. Shade for sure – Beautiful sunny days, no matter how nice, always need an accent of somewhere to find a shady spot. If your venue doesn’t already have shady trees and overhangs, consider cute umbrellas or beautiful overhead curtains.



5. Backup plan- It’s an unfortunate reality, but sometimes mother nature has her own plans. Be sure to have an indoor backup for your ceremony and reception in case of rain. As much as we all love the outdoors, no one likes to have to towel off in a wedding dress.



Equipped with these helpful hints and ways to fend off the summer sun, your outdoor wedding can be the one of your dreams. Events at Sapphire Creek has a beautiful outdoor space ready to accommodate all your sweet summer desires, as well as, a back-up indoor option. So, no fear here from the summer sun, bring on the heat!







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