Fundamentals of Wedding Planning Part 3: Caterering

February 6, 2018

The month of January flew by, and February has begun! I hope everyone enjoyed my last two blogs and that they helped you to begin your wedding planning process as stress-free as possible. Now, onto a topic that is more exciting in my opinion... the food.








When choosing a caterer that is right for you it is important to ask the following questions:

Are the food options limited to what's on the menu provided? Or do they take requests? 

What are their specialty and most popular food choices? 

Are beverages included? 

Will the caterers stay throughout the entire event? 

How many servers will they have on-site? 

If they leave early, will they leave beverages for the guests? 

Will they clean up after? Will they bus tables? 

Is a tip required? Are there any additional service fees? 

How many servers do they typically provide? 

Is everyone properly trained on how to maintain the correct food temperature? 

Will there be a manager over the servers during the event to make sure things run smoothly? 

Have they catered events at your location before? 

What kind of packages do they include? Or is everything ala carte? 

Can they accommodate food options for guests who are vegan, etc.? 

How much do they charge for children? 

Do you get to keep leftover food? 









If you are looking to use your caterer for bar services as well, make sure to ask the following:

Do they provide the alcohol and bartenders? 

Are there restrictions on the kinds of alcohol you can choose? 

How do they charge if wanting to do an open-bar? 

Can you provide your own alcohol? 

Do they have all the required licensing? 







There are lots of criteria when looking for a caterer. If you are required to use in-house catering at your selected venue, then make sure to ask all these questions ahead of time before booking. Always ask for references on the caterers service, and always schedule a tasting before signing any contracts. Make sure everything is clearly defined in the contract, after all the decisions have been made. A professional caterer will try to accommodate your needs and make this process easy. 



Happy Planning! Stay tuned for my next blog post!







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