Wedding Festivals at TD Center

February 2, 2016

This past Saturday was the "Super Bowl" of Wedding Festivals!!! Sadly the winter storm caused the Spartanburg show to be canceled. The great news is that we had a lot of "Spartanburg" brides make the trip down to the "TD" center for the last winter show in our area! All of the vendors put out their best displays to impress the massive number of brides. A  special thanks to Marc & Colleen Wheeler of Wedding Festivals for always putting in a 200% effort to coordinate an excellent experience for vendors and bride & groom's! I'm proud to present some of the Awesome brides and couples that posed with our bridal bouquets! This was a first practice photo shoot for most with the "Bridal Bouquet" Thanks for modeling for Events at Sapphire Creek


First of All our Brides practing for their "Bridal Portrait" Pose

 Tapanga Shephard


                                  Taylor Jade








 Mace Hubbard


           Melissa Bowers








Stephanie Tursquiet 



                                                                                  Sabrina Martin





 Nicole Singleton







                                  Stephanie King







  Nikki Arnold





                             Shannon O'Farrell








Kristen Agnes





                                   Kim McKinney






Delilah Peake











Jenna Nevin






                                   Jenna Bragg



Halie Whiten





                              Hannah Jackson



 Hannah Brady





                                Emily Van Sickle



Danielle Hunter





                                 Danie El-Dier



Courtney Brannon





                                Chelsea Range



Brittany Jackson





                                Brittanie Cumby



Ashley Simms





                                   Andrea Crowe








Now For our Awesome Couples 

                                               Sarah & Michael  

         Brooke & Shawn










A Beautiful Couple

(Sorry I missed your name)

Lauren & Shawn








Laneitra & Rico


 Jordan & Kiera






Jessica & Aaron


 Kristen & Isaiah






Hannah & Her Handsome Man









For the Brides attending with Friends & Family

                                             Tiffany, Edna & Sherry





Tawanna & Amanda