Hottest Trends in Flowers 2016 from IFE Show in Chicago

July 14, 2016






This is my second year attending the IFE (International Florie Expo) in Chicago. I have the opportunity to attend classes from re-known Floral Artist and see the latest blooms and trends from around the world! The wall I am standing next to contains over 1500 hydrangea flowers from Galleria Farms












Look for these new metallic tinted flowers, like these from Gardens America! These will soon be covering Bridal Magazines as beautiful bouquets and arrangements. 






For the love of succlents ... You will be seeing more of these unique beauties than ever before! They can be used to create a natural rustic or bohemian feel or for the clean contemporary look. The best part of all, after your wedding, cut the bottom of the succlent from it's mount, set it in potting soil, water and it will begin to grow and multiply! What a way so save memories from your special day!




Look at these gorgeous peonies! In the past only the late spring early summer brides were able to have these huge luxurious blooms in their bouquets. Now Alaska has even larger peonies and are available July 1st through September 15th! The Alaskan peonies are larger due to the extended daylight during their prime growing season. So request these Peonies for your late summer wedding! Everyone will want to know where you got these luxurious proud blooms!

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